Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lucia The Buttered Bun Wars

NZ food Nazis really need to do more research. A study released (and reported on in the Dominion Post) earlier this month showed that women that consume low fat dairy products are at increased risk of infertility. Yet, the Food Nazis are now calling for people to limit the amount of butter they put on their hot cross buns to a thin scraping*.

Butter is an essential food. Back before just in time deliveries to the supermarket, in winter he ownership of a cow could mean the difference between life and death for people. The cow produced little milk compared to today, but what she did produce was made into butter. Butter that was essential for survival in harsh winter climates.

Today butter is much maligned by Food Nazis in their War Against Obesity. They would have us forget the very existence of butter, but the next time you coat your Hot Cross buns (buns to remind you of the coming of Easter and the Risen Christ) in lots of real butter (not margarine, never margarine), pause for a moment and think about the possibility that your ancestors, if they came from a wintry climate, may not have survived without butter.

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* Can't find a reference to "thin scraping" as a recommendation online anywhere.

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Dave said...

No-one is forcing or coercing anyone to do anything. With the amount of fatties currently abounding in NZ, a bit of good dietary common sense is not out of place, I think. If anyone started actually trying to control the sale or consumption of these foods, then there might be a case to argue.

As it is, knickers can safely be untwisted from their current knot, as there isn't a single element of compulsion evident. Anyone with an ounce of dietary knowledge knows that butter is a food to be enjoyed in moderation. How badly do we want to end up looking like the growing mound of jelly-like obese Americans anyways?


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