Saturday, March 17, 2007

ZenTiger Doomed is an understatement

Two leading UK climate researchers have criticised those among their peers who they say are "overplaying" the global warming message. The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) were quick to dismiss this viewpoint.
"When we said that the entire planet was doomed, and we would all perish in a variety of painful and excruciating ways, that were all virtually irreversible, we advanced this on the basis of scientific fact. These guys will be under 4 metres of water by next Wednesday, so I'd take no notice of them whatsoever. Instead, you should be out there paying your Kyoto taxes. That is the only thing standing between you and oblivion."

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Redbaiter said...

Many of us knew the destruction of the Global Warming myth was an inevitability. The interest now lies in seeing how the power seeking left and the left media in particular deal with the uncovering of their alliance of lies.

Now that the propaganda from the Mainstream Media/ socialist government conglomerate on Global Warming is so widely discredited, next should be their continually negative coverage of the Bush administration and or the Iraq war. Keep going after the lying bastards. We can bring them down.

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