Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lucia Anti-Repeal S59 March

ZenTiger has just participated in the Anti-Repeal S59 March in Wellington today. When he gets a chance later tonight, he'll be filling everyone in on how it went.

What was most interesting to me, and I'm sure he'll elaborate on this, was the behaviour of the small number of Pro-Repeal protesters that tried to disrupt the march. They were quite verbally abusive to the marchers. There were a number of TV cameras there, so I hope that it's pointed out that the marchers were well-behaved, despite provocation, and that those who want Section 59 repealed were quite verbally abusive in general. They'll be the types who don't believe in smacking a child, yet will most likely belittle and verbally abuse their children instead - and see nothing wrong with that.

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ZenTiger said...

I was given a brochure on the alternatives to smacking, and as one "gentlemen" screamed abuse at us, calling us "child abusers", "effing c*nts", etc I tried the list of alternatives:

"Do push ups"

"No playstation for you sir"

"Off to your room - this is a timeout request"

However, the poor man appeared to be deaf. Sad really.

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