Thursday, March 15, 2007

ZenTiger The Dawkins Delusion

Is Dawkins Real? Are his books a product of evolutionary forces? Get an interview from a clear thinking skeptic. And remember, science has the answers.

Direct Link if video not working: The Dawkins Delusion

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Andrei said...

I love good satire.

And that is brilliant satire.

Berend de Boer said...

And it is indeed!

Waymad said...

A nice (and very British) humour. Having read both Dawkins book, and Sam Harris 'The End of Faith' I'm more inclined to the latter: Dawkins is oh so dry.

But, as a person able to hold two or more contradictory ideas at once, I can't honestly say that a return to a capital-c Church is on the cards, despite the pull of ancient cathedrals and the absorbing rituals of Evensong.

I find myself more in line with another Conservative: Roger Scruton. The "Social Battle" you mention in your reasons for leaving Humfs, does rather depend on a bottom-up effect. Scruton refers to this as the 'enchantment' of his fondly remembered Britain.

But we're not in that Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

Unknown said...

It would be easier to email you if your address wasn't bouncing.

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