Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lucia Parliament last night

Isn't it amazing what happened in parliament last night? It could not have been possible had not feeling been running so high against the Repeal of S59. Taito Philip Field has become a real pain in the ass to the Labour Party by issuing 50 amendments to the bill, helping slow down it's progress dramatically.

Someone on another blog (Gooner, I think) said something to the effect of; "stop fighting, it's over, they've won". I totally disagree, if everyone just rolls over now because the bill's passing looks inevitable, then all the proponents will use the argument in the future that there was no reason for all the fuss in the first place. They will use that argument to justify that they did the right thing by passing this bill. We cannot let that happen, we cannot let them forget how angry we are over this.

I'm really proud of all those parliamentarians last night that did their utmost to slow this atrocious piece of totalitarian legislation down. If it can be dragged out closer to the election, then all the better - because the electorate will not forgive over this one. The fresher it is in their minds, the better.

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Swift said...

The sooner the petition is up, running and the CIR is set, the better. This issue is too important to die.

Lucia Maria said...

I have to agree, Swift.

Which reminds me, I have a bit of printing to do tonight for tomorrow as I have access to a whole lot of really annoyed parents who will sign the petition if it's presented to them.

Gooner said...

It was me Lucyna. Maybe I spoke too soon! My fingers (and toes) are crossed.
Nice blog. Good to see you up and running so efficiently.

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