Friday, March 30, 2007

Fletch Three MPs Change Vote To 'NO' on Bradford Bill

It seems that three National MPs (Paul Hutchison, Simon Power and Jackie Blue) who previously supported Sue Bradford's 'anti-smacking' Bill have now changed their minds because of the views of their constituents. Wow! MPs who actually listen to the people?!

Good on you guys!

So keep on writing and phoning your local MPs and let them know how you feel!

In related news; I heard on the 9am news on the radio that Gerry Brownlee has come out and said that National would not overturn the smacking bill if it went through. He said they would "see how it lay" for a while before deciding.

This seems to me to be a bit like shooting yourself in the foot; If you have 80% of the country against a Bill going through, is it really smart politics to say you won't do anything to change it if you have the chance?

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Lucia Maria said...

I heard Gerry say the same thing the other day. I just don't understand it. He was basically making out that they couldn't say what they'd repeal because nothing had been passed yet.

Just ends up looking wussy.

Welcome aboard, btw!

I.M Fletcher said...


Swimming said...

National didn't say, though that they will refuse to re-introduce Chester Borrows amendment.

Berend de Boer said...

Colour me surprised. National doesn't have any principles.

And looking wussy? That's not too hard for National.

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