Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lucia Poland May Ban Kilts

Now for something completely different and possibly light-hearted, depending on how you feel about the kilt.
SCOTS heading to Poland for stag trips are being warned not to lift their kilts - or our national dress could be banned.

The good burghers of Krakow and Warsaw are sick of the sight of boozed-up "men in skirts" flashing their bits in the street.

And the authorities in another popular stag night destination, the city of Wroclaw, have become so fed-up with the badly behaved minority of Scots they are seriously considering outlawing the kilt.
My feeling is, just because you are wearing a skirt doesn't give you a right to flash everyone. I certainly wouldn't want dangly bits flashed at me when I least expected it. Might react and use the handbag as a weapon before I had a chance to think.

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ZenTiger said...

Banning is not the answer.

Enforcing indecent exposure laws is.

And maybe a law change to make sure any attack on exposed private bits is justifiable self defence.

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