Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lucia Bernados' attitude to New Zealand Parents

An anonymous commenter on Not PC's blog has this to say about parents who smack.
I am involved with Barnadoes and confirm that anyone who works at the coalface in social services supports Bradford's bill.

Children should never be smacked, hit, whatever you want to call it. If you cannot teach, guide and discipline your child without resorting to hitting or other acts of violence, you are not fit to be a parent.
Given that most New Zealanders support smacking, and of that percentage I would guess a significant amount do use physical discipline in the raising of their children, then this Bernados worker considers most New Zealanders not fit to be parents.


Considering that Bernados needs public support in the form of donations, I would have thought that this level of contempt for the New Zealand public would have been best to keep under wraps.

I know I will never donate to Bernados again because of the S59 campaigning that they are involved in.

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