Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lucia Catholic Churches in Saudi Arabia

Currently, Saudi Arabia does not permit any other faith to exist in it's country besides Islam. To that end, even owning a Bible or a crucifix is illegal. However, it is believed that negotiations are currently under way at the Vatican that could lead to the first ever Catholic church being built in Saudi Arabia. With the number of Catholics in the country (mostly from the Phillipines, working as servants) many churches would be needed.

Of course, this article is from the Times, so it might be total conjecture based on wishful thinking, but, you never know. If this is even remotely true, this could be big. Really big.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think Qatar is anywhere near as strict in terms of controlling the right to religious freedom, but the first Catholic church has just been built there, so that's good news.


MathewK said...

I was reading earlier in the week about Muslims in Spain trying to get more mosques. It's funny how we westerners are so tolerant and we seldom get any of it returned. Hopefully it'll be allowed and will go ahead. I'm thinking a number of Muslims might take to this infidel religion that seems to really be about peace, forgiveness & love. That'll really stir the pot over at Jihad central.

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