Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fletch Show Me The Money!

So, according to the news today, the Government's accounts (for the first time in almost 15 years) are in the red?  The Government can give all the reasons they like (and I'm sure they are many and varied) but I find it very hard to swallow that for years and years the take from the poor taxpayer has been rising to a surplus of billions and all of a sudden, six  months out from an election, there isn't any left - in fact, into the negative.

As the Four-Square women would say to one another, "how convenient".

According to the story - revenues are $700 million below forecast.

Oh, really? Again, I find this a bit hard to believe. The Government is not taking enough from us? Sorry, but taking tax is one of the things this government is VERY good at and I doubt they would have mucked up on that.

I'm sure someone will provide the reasons for this, but the story just left myself and family members watching saying, "yeh right" incredulously.

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ZenTiger said...

Back in 1990 National uncovered a huge deception by Labour, finding the government cupboards bare.

This time around Labour think there is less of a downside fessing up before the election, and using the pressure to attack any of National's tax cut offerings. They are counting on the swing voters "doing what's best for the country" and voting in Labour who will be prepared to increase taxes to get the government back on track, irrespective of the damage done to families and business.

Problem is, these swing voters will hopefully realise that Labour has managed to have 9 years in GLOBAL prosperity and all they have managed to do is slip a few rungs on the OECD and blow the kitty.

If they can't figure out the obvious, let me just say how outraged the low and middle income bands should feel having to pay $15/kg for cheese and over $9kg for butter. In New Zealand.

MathewK said...

So you folks have had 15 years of surpluses and how many tax cuts?

I wonder how much money we westerners have to cough up to these leftist parasites before we say enough!

This afternoon i heard some jackass on the radio saying that our government should scrap the last taxcut i'm expecting for the next decade or so and put that money into the public health system. In other words flush it down the crapper.

If i could i would have throttled the fellow. I want my bloody taxcut, i ain't busting my ass everyday so that some piece of crap can shoot up and then slither into the nearest emergency room to get fixed up.

If anyone feels that we don't pay enough tax, then lie on your tax return, tell em you earned more than you actually did and then pay extra. I've never heard of the taxman ever fining someone for paying extra tax.

Greg said...

Zen, MK,
Hi, your ideas are related.

I say that food costs what it costs on a open market. No-one cries about poor farmers in the middle of a drought or flood do they? So, far game when it swings around.

However, why is it that we can't AFFORD our own cheese??
Why aren't we earning enough to afford it?

As MK says the govt surpluses and boom of the last 6-7 years have been squandered.

Remember the "Knowledge Economy"?
Now it's called the "Weightless Economy".

Re-branding doesn't change the fact that we are a low-skill, low-tech nation regardless of what the BuyNZ Oliver Driver TV ads would have you believe.

Because we really aren't a "knowledge economy" subsequently we are low-paid and are become victims to price fluctuations.
Just look how clever we think we are with low-cost imports! That's not driven by our industrial talents but is a symptom of international capital responding to the RBNZ which in turn is driven by our over-spending... tick tock.

So, after the boom we still have an economy based on the weather rather than on our brains.
And with the boom prosperity, 14% of which is borrowed from foreign credit, we have managed to build huge personal debts, a faltering health system and a fractured education system unlikely to bootstrap us up to great "cheese eating" wealth.

Greg said...

that "14%" should be 114% shouldn't it.

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