Thursday, March 27, 2008

ZenTiger Mail Order Chickens [Zimbabwe Mix]

This post is still relevant today as it was back in 2005. Think Zimbabwe for example. How will the election go? There are chickens whose future is uncertain, as uncertain as many people in Zimbabwe today. But soon, all Mugabe's chickens will come home to roost.

People often ask - "is there anything I can do to help?"

Well, the guys as Mail Order Chickens have come to the rescue. Backed with endorsement of A list actors, you can, perhaps for the first time, examine the plight of the chicken in Africa.

Get to know some of them. Then reach out and adopt. When viewing any of the chickens, try to resist tapping on the screen. Some of them are a little stressed, and the shock could cause them to lay an egg or something. Click to visit Mail Order Chickens

NOTE: After the intro, select a chicken and then click the "Ask Actor" button and once loaded, press the Play button to hear the Actor speak. "Lobs" features NZ comedian Rhys Derby.

But wait:
Another post of mine from Sir Humphrey's 2005: A Mandate from Mandela. Just to remind us that Zimbabweans have had it damn tough for the last three years. Good luck this weekend.

Roger asked (during the Friday Night Free For All at Silent Running) what effective response might the world make in stopping Rabid Roberts Rhodesian Renovations. As Robert Mugabe proceeds to demolish what passes for homes in Zimbabwe, killing women and children (and other types of people) the world looks on in abject apathy. Gee, do we play cricket at home or away? Decisions decisions.

We cannot count on the UN. The UN Human Rights Commission is currently busy looking into the air conditioning at Gitmo. In a world of limited resources, they have to make difficult choices; the well being of 520 captured terrorists come well before the plight of an estimated 200,000 innocents. Their record for action in Rwanda wasn't great, but we can count on them to use their vast resources to clean up the bodies afterwards.

The UK apparently are hamstrung by the EU conventions. The fact the France and Holland are bailing out seems to make little difference. The US got so much flack for the last despot who was in the habit of killing in the hundreds of thousands, that you'd think they are a little cautious about getting rid of another. The mainstream peaceniks have made it clear that Dictators and Despots are to be tolerated, and Republicanism is to be blamed for all else.

So who does that leave to save the day? Andrew Ian Dodge, commenting at Silent Running, suggested Mandela. Now, that's not a bad idea. So what is Mandela up to nowadays? What does he think of this? Well, given that he's been invited to Mugabe's 10th Wedding Anniversary party coming up in August, it remains to be seen if he regretfully declines, strongly declines or shows up with some South African Commandos and stages a coup.

Between Mandela and Desmond Tutu, we can only hope they generate the voodoo that Tutu can do to get through the political poo to renew Zimbabwe's hopes that the world will actually listen and respond BEFORE rather than AFTER.

The first casualties have been recorded. People are dying. No hurry.

Have a look at Zimbabwe and listen to the incredible voice of Toni Childs

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