Thursday, March 20, 2008

ZenTiger The ultimate thought crime

Terminations are permitted up until birth if an unborn child is thought to have a range of disabilities

and that hot on the heels of this:As campaigners claimed that termination had become just another form of contraception, figures showed that about 1,300 women had at least their fifth last year....At the same time, 61,904 women in England and Wales were having their second abortion last year - up from 58,740 in 2004.

I read some notable lunatic tried to blame abortion on the Catholic Church. It seems that so many people listen to the Catholic Church in protestant England that all those sex education lessons over the last 30 years hadn't managed to sink in.

What hasn't sunk in is this culture of liberal irresponsibility. But then, it's a thought crime just to point this out.

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MK said...

Yeah i posted on this as well, it seems people find that 5 abortions is a bit too much. I just wonder what exactly they're supposed to do allow 4 but no more? Based on what reasoning, that killing the first 4 is alright, but the 5th and 6th are a big no-no. The convoluted moral mazes we work ourselves into eh.

Andy Moore said...

Did I read that correctly? Abortion can be done anytime up till birth if the child is thought to be disabled?

I knew it was bad - the idea of aborting a child based on their gender or possible deformities, but... up till birth? Disgusting.

KG said...

If up to birth, then why not just after it?
And these leftist social engineers have the nerve to fling the word "nazi" around when talking about those on the right...
How long before they begin herding undesirables into cattle trucks, eh?

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