Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fletch PicLens for Firefox

Just a lil heads-up on a cool new Firefox extension called PicLens.
It works with most popular photo sites and blogs such as Flickr, Photobucket, Facebook, bebo etc. If you've ever used coverflow on the iPod Touch or iTunes - it's not quite exactly unlike that.  A nice wall of images (with iPod-ish shiny reflection)  that you can drag and then click on an image.

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Seán said...

Thanks for that. Nifty! Sure adds something to peoples boring Facebook photo albums!

Unknown said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for blogging on PicLens — we’re glad to hear you all have decided to try it!

It’s hard to really capture the awesomeness of PicLens in words (after all…ONE picture is worth a thousand, and we have a whole wall of them!), so here are links to two videos demos that give you an idea of what all the PicLens excitement is about. The first is by our team and the other by a PicLens fan.

Thanks, again.
Meg & The Cooliris Team

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