Friday, March 21, 2008

Fletch Dearth of Religious Viewing for Easter

remote I just went and had a look at the TV Guide to see what kind of programming there was over the next three days of Easter. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised to find that there wasn't any, apart from an episode of Praise be this morning (Good Friday).

I don't think you can really count 'Bruce Almighty' as religious programming, either.

The time was, the stations would at least attempt some kind of film, such as The Robe, Jesus of Nazareth, or even a film that was not quite appropriate to the season such as Charlton Heston in  'The Ten Commandments'.

The programming across the Easter break could easily have been last weekend's or next weekend's viewing.

It really is sad, but I suppose it is just another indicator of our country's growing secularisation.

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Lucyna Maria said...

NewstalkZB has a very religious theme to it today. Though, the guy that was on this morning was of the type that believed that no one goes to Heaven, that Heaven is created on earth at the end of time ala NT Wright's current theory.

JC said...

I miss the old films, like comfortable old shoes, that you pulled on at Easter.. a reminder of films that were blockbusters in their day. They didn't need to be that religious, and I'd settle for Charlton Heston anytime, just that we saw a great film suited to the occasion.

In the early days of TVNZ, we were blessed with the same film at Christmas for years, "The African Queen".
Not very Christmassy, but there was a lady missionary and plenty of redemption.


pdm said...

Speaking of films - what about Exodus.

JC said...

We've just been sitting around nattering about it. The daughter is furious she hasn't seen "The Ten Commandments" for years, the son in law and I are reminiscing about "Quo Vadis", El Cid et whilst he similtaneously raids my library for old books by Clancy, Robert Ruork, Rosemary Sutcliffe, and of course, Mitchener . And I gave in and gave him "The Road To Gandolfo", a hard case book about kidnapping and replacing the Pope.


Fergus said...

Last temptation of the Christ anyone ?

Anonymous said...

It's entirely appropriate that there is little or no religious programming at Easter. Christ was crucified at Passover - not Easter. They are two ENTIRELY diffierent different things. Pasover isn't for another 4 weeks. Check it for yourself.

I.M Fletcher said...

Anonymous, I'd better be seeing some religious programming in 4 weeks then!

fugley said...

Then you obviously missed the Simpsons Friday night - Homer slipped on Church property, sued and ended up with the deeds to the church.

Homer also felt he had the deity's attention, and received whatever he prayed for.

There followed a bunch of highly ordinary events that the religious blamed on Homer, until even Homer gave in.

As with all the beeter Simpsons episodes, this one pointed the bone right at the stupidity of religious belief. Great easter programming, in my book.

Tonight, in the fugley household we will be watching Jesus Christ Superstar, a wonderful tale showing how god manipulated Judas in to nothing more than a puppet.

dad4justice said...

Oh great fugly brings in the Simpsons and a Superstar video. What a fruit cake. How silly and hateful can you get fuglycake?

fugley said...

Well, no matter how hard I try, I could never be as hateful as you.

How will you feel when the world sees your stupidities up in lights at

Only a week to go and the site will be launched. I'm going to invite laurel to the launch party,

dad4justice said...

You are a disturbed person fugly.

Jesus struck at the truth and the heart of things which threatened their corrupt hypocritical system.

I hope you launch a site pus ball fugly as both TV and Radio spoke about you this week after reading my blog.

You are evil and bad.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that it was TV and radio, and not just the voices in your head?

dad4justice said...

dad4justice@muslim, fugly , stan you already know my email address, please give me an email and I will refer them on to you, as they're both extremely interested.

Oh by the way, both are aware of my current police complaint against you Mr Allah. You are the reason we need grace and faith you demonic creep.

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