Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lucia Catholic swine flu restrictions liftted

On Thursday, the New Zealand Health Ministry told our Catholic Bishops that the swine flu restrictions were no longer necessary, despite the fact that we are still on Code Yellow.

Had I not checked NZ Catholic's website, I would have had no idea that the restrictions were lifted, as their lifting didn't make quite the same impact in the news as the initial restrictions themselves. And no, I don't really check the NZ Catholic website particularly often, nor do I keep track of the Bishop's media releases, as they hardly ever make them.

No mention at all that one of the restrictions is illegal by Church law as I documented in a previous post.

While I am happy that the restrictions have been lifted, I am concerned that a precedent has been set that no one has challenged. Therefore, this sort of thing could happen again with the slightest of pretexts.

A letter to the Vatican might be in order.

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Go for it.

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