Thursday, May 14, 2009

ZenTiger The War on Drugs - Oz Style

I'm over here in Sydney, noticing that the war on drugs crosses all borders. Arguments for making illegal drugs legal to have parity with alcohol have taken a different turn. Instead, why not add so many taxes to alcohol, that it's cheaper to buy other drugs and risk going to jail?

The latest information is that not only underage girls engage in binge drinking, but middle age women do too. Thus, they say, higher taxes are justified. What? I missed the part where men get a discount. I guess men might also be buying for women, but even so, that's just harsh.

And if they are putting up taxes on alcohol at the same time as announcing soaring unemployment and a huge deficit of billions and billions of dollars, isn't that only going to drive people to drink? I think they planned this.

They've put up the super scheme by $32 dollars a week. Coincidentally, the same price as a bottle of cheap sherry. This is going to decimate the wine market. The only way to compensate is to make wine illegal. Only then will people be prepared to buy it, considering the prices. It's something about the nature of offering forbidden fruit.

Either way, John Key as Minister of Tourism should be very pleased with this idea. The Aussies whack a big enough tax on local beer, wine and spirits and it might be cheaper for them to fly to New Zealand for a Cascade Light, or perhaps a Bees Neez. Maybe they can get in a bit of skiing or have a bike ride on our famous NZ wide biking track. Sure, it doesn't exist just yet, but do you think an Aussie tourist who has had a few too many will notice? Just set up a cycle way to go from Auckland Airport to the Tui Breweries and back, and we are done.

Not the link I was talking about, but it's a start: Resurrecting Alcopops tax

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MathewK said...

The clowns raised a fair amount of money with the alcopops tax, but the clowns didn't make sure it was legal, now there isn't enough support for it and they have to give the money back to the customers, which they can't.

So all they can do it give the money back to the booze companies, giving them a profit. That's leftist ideology in action.

The latest is that someone is proposing a tax on cigarettes to help pay off the massive deficit.

ZenTiger said...

A tax on oxygen theft might be more productive.

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