Friday, May 1, 2009

Lucia April 2009 Blog Statistics

Page Loads : 11,760
Average per day - 392

Unique Visitors : 6,241
Average per day - 208

Posts : 90
Comments : 524
Most comments for one post: 47

Technorati Authority : 45
Alexa Ranking : 335,135
NZ Alexa Ranking : 475

Here's my calculation for the NZ Blogosphere Statistics based on the following formula:
TRAFFIC (Average daily unique visits)
+ INCOMING LINKS (Technorati "Authority")
+ POSTS (Average posts per week, viz: Total posts for month ÷ number of days in month x 7.)
+ COMMENTS (Average highest commented post per week, viz: Total four posts with the most comments for the month ÷ 4. )


208 (Unique visitor traffic from Statcounter for April 09)
+ 45 (Technorati Authority as at 1/5/09)
+ 21 (Posts: 90/30*7)
+ 38 (Comments: (39 +47 +41 +24) /4)*
= 312

7 comment(s):

Libertyscott said...

Well done, good month!

I get:

207 unique visitors
32 technorati
25 posts
5 higher commments
= 269

KG said...

Good one Lucyna.

I get:
Page loads: 16,230
Unique visitors: 12,658
Returning visitors: 3,860

That's via Statcounter and their methodology may be very different. I need to take a proper look at the site and work out exactly what's happening.
But then, is it worth the bother?

Lucia Maria said...

Thanks, guys.

Yes, I think we did very well this month, helped in part by links from your site, KG. Thank you.

Our stats are Statcounter as well - Crusader Rabbit is just busier than us. That's ok, we live in a a particular segment of the blogosphere that doesn't tend to attract high readership.

KG said...

Indeed, Lucyna. Frankly, I've never understood the importance many bloggers place on their stats. We put a counter up on CR mainly for the commenters to view. (this morning was the first time I'd checked it in a couple of months).
I like The Return Of Scipio's masthead-
something along the lines of "writing not for fame, but because God is watching". :-)

Lucia Maria said...

KG, well, it's something to do with feeling like your efforts are paying off - or, even, that competitive streak that comes out from time to time. I certainly have it, I've just had other priorities lately.

Madeleine said...

I worked ours out then the computer froze and I lost it. I cannot be bothered with re-counting the comments again. We are somewhere north of 200 this month too.

Lucia Maria said...


I just have all the comments emailed to me, get them sorted into a special NZConservative folder using the mail rules in Outlook, then at the end of the month, select and copy over all the comments for that particular month into another new folder for that month. Then I can quickly tell, by selecting each folder how many comments we got for the month. Much easier than manually counting them.

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