Friday, May 8, 2009

ZenTiger Muslims offensive to many people

The Privy Council has announced the "Muslim" name is unlawful and offensive.

Furthermore, restricting the term "Muslim" to mean only people that are Muslim breaches the right to equality of non-Muslims, who by definition were excluded from sharing the term "Muslim" through no fault of their own.


The actual complaints arose from our Commonwealth cousins in Trinidad and Tobago, who have a 30% Muslim population.

The stupidity of the Privy Council decision beggars belief. The Trinity Cross can be awarded to ANYONE, if they are judged worthy of the honour. An award that can go to anyone, is by definition not discriminatory.

The Privy Council deserve an award. The "Natural Dhimmi" award. It's not given as an offensive religious symbol, but rather as a barcode etched into the subservient forehead of successful candidate. It makes sorting so much easier in the future.

Full story here: Crusader Rabbit - Show us your cross

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KG said...

Thanks for the link Zen.
What a truly nutty and shameful decision....

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