Friday, May 15, 2009

ZenTiger Friday Night Free for All

Back from Sydney. Very pleasant weather, some excellent food, and familiar places. Missed out on most of the news in NZ this week, but I did hear a snippet on the police investigation into the leaked emails which Brash insisted the Police investigate.

Apparently, Brash had this weird idea that the police would be interested in solving crimes. Imagine. Throw in potential issues of National Security (if you excuse the pun) and I guess he thought they might bring in Columbo or some-one of that nature. Instead, (from what it sounded like on the news snippet) a mostly blank file has been revealed, with a single peace of paper and some detailed notes:

We haven't got a clue.
We can't really be bothered.
See if you can stall until the issue goes away.

Well lets make sure the issue doesn't go away. Instead we have various idiots stating that leaks and theft are good for the country. Obviously, the police don't think a crime was committed, and that is why they didn't bother to investigate. So who needs the court system to decide?

It's Friday. Think I'll leak this secret information on how slack the police were over their investigation and wait for the left wing intelligentsia to applaud.

Drop in and say hello. Use a blogger handle just in case we get investigated for spreading state secrets on police capabilities. Just joking, you've got no chance of being detected by a detective. They've proven defective. At least, that's what my reflective invective has suggested.

I need a beer. Which reminds me. Tui pulled an advertisement along the lines of "I nvr txt whl drvg" "Yeah, right". That advertisement was deemed too offensive to the people that have texted whilst driving and then died. I guess the irony is that whilst we debate how PC society is becoming, serious moves are afoot to ban Tui from having the right to put up a billboard at all. No advertising of alcohol is set squarely in the sights of the next step in the "war on drugs". My bet is that fast food adverts might go after that, but lingerie and condoms are safe.

Now, where's that Carlsberg? Possibly the world's best tasting beer.

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homepaddock said...

Welcome back, you've given us enough to generate some heated debate on this chilly evening.

ZenTiger said...

Hi there. Yes indeed, my few minutes of radio suggested a lot of potential news bubbling underneath.

A good night for mulled wine and some idle speculation.

Over in Australia, the main topic of conversation seems to be a program called "Underbelly". I tried to look interested, but failed.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Today I visited a major hospital and helped the 38 year old mother of two pre-school children fill out an Income protection claim form for her 38 year old farmer husband who suffered a seizure while operating his tractor last Wednesday. It took the whole day and 300 km of driving at my own expense.

He was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour and underwent surgery on Wednesday. He will be unable to work again for at least a year and will have to fight the tumour which is 'slowly growing' for the next few years.

Folks, this is where the rubber hits the road in our business. We are paid commission on sales we make but we are paid not a penny for helping people at claim time.

I have no problem with that because those of us who are serious about the business respond at claim time by dropping everything and going to the aid of a damsel in distress.

However, I do wonder about all the policies which are written by shitheads who leave the industry after six months or who wind up in jail for fraud.

Who is there to help their 'clients' in their hours of need?

mojo said...

Evening ... I now have a computer again.

& 'Underbelly,' Zen ... you're probably too young to recollect the time vividly ... no?

ZenTiger said...

Hi Adolf and Mojo.

Not enough people place a value on the actual service - most things in life are now are reduced to a supposedly single transaction rather than the ongoing relationship. When everything is viewed through the prism of a one night stand, momentary satisfaction becomes a disappointment.

So Adolf, had this family taken adequate cover to be helpful? It sounds like it's going to be a very hard slog for these people, so I hope the policy reduces some of that pressure.

Mojo, I must be too young. The only thing I recall vividly from many years ago is Petula Clark singing "Downtown". Bad guys were always captured by the cops, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was a flash car.

mojo said...

Aha ... but Zen I would have thought, from your opening paragraph, that you would have seen 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' as akin to the 'momentary satisfaction of a one night stand' ... or indeed, interchangeably, a 'flash car.'

I apologise for ascribing to you a youthfullness greater than mine.

I.M Fletcher said...

Tui pulled an advertisement along the lines of "I nvr txt whl drvg" "Yeah, right". That advertisement was deemed too offensive to the people that have texted whilst driving and then died.I see that sign everyday from the train; quite amusing. Why don't we just ban the mention of everything that someone might possibly have been killed while doing? eg, driving - we should ban all mention of driving since some people have been killed while doing it, and therefore cars and car ads.

As far as Brashes emails, it has the fingerprints of a certain opposition party all over it, doesn't it?

ZenTiger said...

Mojo, surely Chitty Chitty Bang Bang can hardly be in the category of a one night stand, when Dick Van Dyke's very presence removes all doubt that this could be a film of cheap titillating thrills. His very name gives the film the gravitas of which I speak.

Or are we back to discussing Underbelly again?

ZenTiger said...

Hey Fletch, I still can't really see why the Tui add is so offensive, especially when I think of many other advertisements that could fit the bill.

Ah well, maybe we need to learn to drive with our eyes closed?

Madeleine said...

It stuns me what gets censored and what does not. I noted tonight as shortland st started there was a Parental Guidance Recommended warning due to the fact that the storyline dealt with child abuse.

Give me a break! I'd rather my kids saw a fictional portrayal of child abuse and the importance of reporting it than the sexual attitudes Shortland St regularly promotes without the parental guidance message. Talk about getting things backwards.

ZenTiger said...

Well Madeleine, perhaps beating children contains adult themes?

Madeleine said...

Yes, adults talking about it. Terrible. Kids should not see that but sex scenes, passionate kissing, llewd references, new partners every week no problem because that is normal life.

ZenTiger said...

Oh, I agree. I was just musing on the irony thing of an adult theme involving children...might go top up my wine...

Madeleine said...

We are wine-less tonight. Trying to save money plus it won't hurt to have a few nights with no wine. Am eating red glo-heart lollies instead.

ZenTiger said...

As long as it's not $12 worth, you'll come out ahead.

ZenTiger said...

PS: I'm drinking wine because I can't afford it...

Madeleine said...

Its a pretty big bag of them. Matt never pays attention to price so who knows. He had to do a special trip into Henderson Countdown to get them for me as the Pak n Save over the road doesn't stock them (Philistines) so he tends to get a decent amount to save petrol.

Lately we have been buying our wine in cardboard - the more expensive cardboard as the cheap stuff is vinegar with alcohol and sugar and a bit of cochineal if its supposed to be red added - but cardboard none the less. (Sad)

We have spent the evening looking at houses and properties for sale on trademe for when Matt lands a job... (even sadder)

David Winter said...

Now, where's that Carlsberg? Possibly the world's best tasting beer.My word, there is something you and I agree on. (Maybe not the best in the world, but best larger and best at the price for sure).

ZenTiger said...

Cheers David!

Actually, there's probably more that we agree upon than you realise, I just keep those opinions to myself :-)

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