Monday, May 25, 2009

Andrei Little girls transform their fathers into left wing daddys

It seems I am an anomaly. Well I am if you take this research at face value that is. Apparently the more little girls a man has the more to the left his politics will go.

Fathers become more Left-wing if they have daughters because girls are more socially conscious, according to research.
But despite being the proud father of three daughters I strongly doubt anybody would describe me as a creature of the left.

Could it be the fact I also have a son that has moderated this effect upon me and my politics?

Or could it be that the whole thing is just a figment of an academics distorted world view.

You be the judge.

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KG said...

Relax, Andrei--you're in no danger of being mistaken for a leftard! :-)

macdoctor said...

If it is any reassurance, Andrei, I have two daughters and would only consider myself "left-wing" if I was comparing myself to Atilla the Hun.

MathewK said...

I'd say that women would gravitate towards leftism in general because of it's touchy-feely nature. Not all women, but many.

As for fathers, it depends on your character, if you're weak, spineless and whiny, then yeah, you'd probably be too weak to resist the angry whining of your recently-turned vegan teenage daughter.

When it comes to male leftards, in my experience there are two kinds, the garden variety leftard male, really a coward, whiny, morally bankrupt, might scream and bully you when there are another 20 of his fellow leftards to hold his testicles, but ultimately when he goes home, his small balls are placed on the mantle piece or where his 'partner' would like them displayed.

The other leftard male is the complete opposite, that one's a fascist thug, violent, full of hate, doesn't give a damn about anyone else and would quite easily put a bullet in your head if you got in the way.

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