Thursday, July 9, 2009

ZenTiger And Give Us Our Daily Bread

How do you target at risk pregnant women? If you live in a Nanny State, by legislating that all bread must contain an additive that may have serious side effects on other members of the population.

This has to be the worst idea since sliced loafs.

It's like buttering both sides of the bread and dropping it on the floor to see how lucky we are.

And why pick bread? Do we even know for sure that the small percentage of pregnant women who need extra folate eat much bread? Annette-Nanny-King could have chosen ice-cream (with tomato sauce), anchovies (with cornflakes) or Moro bars (with pickles). Unbeatable combinations sure to generate a high ingestion rate across pregnant women.

We are living in a Nanny State. It's a state of stupid.

Please, follow me in a brief prayer that this nonsense will end:

Our Nanny, who art in government,
Shallow be thy game.
Thy Annette King come -
Demands her will be done,
From birth until we reach heaven.
Give us this way our daily bread.
Add folate for medication,
Lest we forgive those who medicate against us.
They need us not to offer protestation,
But pretend to deliver us from evil.

For Nanny runs the kingdom,
for the power, not the glory,
until you say never and never, Again.

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KG said...

To get the recommended daily dose of folic acid from the bread, a woman would need to eat at least 11 slices per day.
Yeagh, riight....

Ozy Mandias said...

Thanks Zentiger.
Just been on my knees and said your prayer. Hope it works!!!

They would have been better to put it in chocolate. Most women I know dont eat bread but are suckers for chocolate.

ZenTiger said...

Hah! Chocolate! Of course, I was just stuck on Moro bars( with pickles), but "think big"!

The Greens would love it, because all foreign made chocolate would be expelled from the country and our local Chocolate makers could advertise folate as an aphrodisiac to ensure international sales.

Lucia Maria said...


Though, having it in the bread is probably bad for the kids.

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