Sunday, July 26, 2009

ZenTiger Sue Bradford Proposes Law Change

In an amazing turn about, Sue Bradford is suggesting a radical law change.

"A new study conclusively proves that parents who discipline their children produce better children in all important categories - better educational results, better jobs, lower crime rates, better incomes, and greater health and well being.

There is only one solution to this information.

We must change the law to make it mandatory for parents to discipline their children. Any child NOT being disciplined by parents will be investigated by the police, and if the child is found to look in any way naughty, without evidence of correction, they will be prosecuted under the full extent of the law. Parents with good children have nothing to fear.

The law solves all issues, and now that I have revised my opinion, it is obvious that this is the only opinion to have. The anti-smacking lobby were idiots for only asking not to be criminalised, they should have pushed to enshrine their parenting style as the only valid parenting style under law. I have corrected this issue with my new Disciplinary Bill, Section 59 revision three."

Hat tip to Psycho Milt for the idea behind a law to enforce physical discipline.

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mojo said...

What a sensible lassie.

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