Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ZenTiger Ronnie Biggs

Mr Biggs was a bit player in the Great Train Robbery of 1963. Jailed for 30 years, he would have only served 10, but he escaped 15 months into the sentence and was "on the run" for the next 35 years.

They finally caught Mr Biggs (well, actually, he turned himself in) in 2001. Now he is close to escaping again, even if it kills him. Well, actually, that is how he is going to escape. He's going to shuffle off his mortal coil and foot chains at any moment.

The Justice Minister Jack Straw has rejected a request for clemency. He said Ronnie Biggs has jack all chance of being let out to die. "Still a danger" this frail old man clutching at the last straw.

The robbery was for 2.6 million pounds to be split between 30. That sounds like half as much as the British Minister's Expenses Scandal. I wonder if they will ever catch and jail any of those daring robbers?

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KG said...

"I wonder if they will ever catch and jail any of those daring robbers?"
No. They'll give them peerages and bloody great pensions instead.

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