Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ZenTiger Whats Funnier Than A Non-Binding Referendum?

Labour, Greens and Progressives announce that they are going to hold a non-binding enquiry into bank profits. These are the same people that mocked the idea of a non-binding referendum. Or do they think they are the government of the day?

At least with the referendum, it took 300,000 signatures to trigger additional expenditure of tax payer funds. In this situation, it just takes a revolt from the parties in opposition.

A letter had been sent to the Speaker seeking appropriate parliamentary logistical support for the inquiry, David Cunliffe said.

“This is a serious inquiry by parliamentarians on behalf of New Zealanders. We believe it is appropriate support, including a venue, is made available, so that the public and media can attend.”

Do they have a mandate to spend tax payer funds in this way? "On behalf of New Zealanders"???

This sets an interesting precedent if National lie back and think of England. Perhaps Labour and the Greens will then seek to announce parallel legislation for the parallel government they seem to think they are.

National, as the party elected into power according to the rules of our democracy, such as it is, may be mistaken for thinking that the oppositions job was to critique the government. It seems the opposition are maneuvering to call the shots and possibly allow National some say in the process - National get to be in opposition again. Perhaps they'll even be allowed to make a submission?

I'm stunned at the combination of audacity and stupidity of the situation. It really is a magnificent move, as I suspect New Zealanders are all too far gone to notice anything strange about this. No doubt the MSM will be thrilled to see things returned to the "natural order" - Labour 1999 to 2008.

New Zealand politics - where National under John Key will undermine and ignore referendums and Labour under Phil Goff simply ignores elections.

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