Monday, July 13, 2009

ZenTiger BS Index

"This is the last chance the government have got to make something work - if it doesn't work then there's nothing else one can do." [Yeah, right. Until the next tax payer funded campaign.]

"In the end I think legislation will be required if we're going to nail the problem of obesity." [Yep, legislation is the solution to every problem. smacking, eating, drinking, driving, and even breathing (or at least expelling CO2]

Another Global Epidemic has been declared, with the epicentre in government headquarters around the world, and also here in NZ, to create a tsunami of government intervention using more of our tax dollars.

Like all brilliant government ideas, the purpose of collecting data is to justify growing the government to solve a problem, even if it isn't really a problem. This is yet another example.

Ozy Mandias explains how all the hard training has helped the All Blacks come closer to realizing their dream of taking the World Cup. The world cup for obesity.

The bureaucracy has this little measurement tool called a BMI, we citizens have our own index - something a bullshit detector. Ozy's post illustrates the bullshit detector is far more accurate.

All the fat is in government, and trimming it would help fatten our wallets and ensure our health.

Have a Kit Kat Ozy. You've earned it.

(And Kit Kat is made by Nestle (after acquiring Rowntree in 1988), not Cadbury's. It's a snack even an Orang-utan can eat!)

Update: Hey, wait-a-minute. Kit Kat contains modified palm oil. Is this a world wide conspiracy?

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Francisco Castelo Branco said...

It seems to me , that you have many problems in New Zealand

iT´S not only the Epidemic Flu

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