Sunday, July 26, 2009

ZenTiger Swedish Utopia

An important element of living in a socialist utopia like Sweden is a suspension of reality. New Zealand is well placed to follow suit. Lindsay Mitchell explains.

And speaking of utopia, Lucia's comment reinforces this point:

I’m at a loss to understand why NZ seems hell-bent on passing legislation that pretends we are some sort of utopia. Ban smacking and all forms of child discipline and NZ’s a better place… no, children are still being abused and murdered here. But good parents now do all their discipline in private so that they won’t be reported. And then this – deny the fact that everyone has a point at which they could lose control.

Sophie Elliot’s mother could have easily flipped out and murdered Weatherston when she saw what he had done to her. Should she and others like her be deprived of a defence because some murderers who clutch at straws misuse it? Weatherston misused provocation and it backfired on him.

And I'll sum up by quoting myself on the Friday Night thread:

Madeline pointed out that even the guilty have a right to defence, and with the presumption of innocence (or degrees of innocence and guilt) it is important for our legal system to have some-one who will defend the presumption of innocence. That concept underpins our legal system.

If you agree with me on that point, then you might be able to understand why the law making parents technical criminals for smacking ends a presumption of innocence for a reasonable action is actually a bad law.

The State also intrudes on the family, making a moral judgment that physical discipline is illegal. Some people prefer not to use physical discipline (or any discipline for that matter) to raise their children, and want to change the law to make every other parent do things the way they do them.

If we tried the reverse - make it a law that you MUST discipline your child to teach them right from wrong at a young age, and parents failing to discipline their children will be deemed criminals that will be investigated, perhaps the same people wanting this law change might learn something.

They tend to be the same people that talk about how important it is to tolerate other viewpoints, so I suspect the point would be completely lost on them.

All ideas here from our opposition seem to share the same symptoms - a desire to force some kind of utopia, whilst denying the consequences of their actions and pretending a different reality. It's no surprise some commenters start off calling any-one who is against the revised section 59 as "child beaters".

PS: Hat tip to Psycho Milt for the idea behind a law to enforce physical discipline.

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MK said...

Those who push socialist agendas never care for reality, they never care about the actual outcomes they waffle on about. It's just about getting power, the power to lord over others, that's what it's all about, the rest is just wiffle-waffle for the stupid, the lazy and the parasitical.

0..0 said...

Hear Hear! More wiffle with my waffles!

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