Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lucia The Communists banned crucifixes as well

The recent condemnation by the European Court of Human Rights of crucifixes displayed in Italian public schools could result in all public Christian images being banned in the EU.

Ironic, really, when Europe has been celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In Poland, Communists banned crucifixes. Once the Communists were thrown out, the crucifixes came back. Now the oxymoronic "human rights" court wants to ban them again.

The ECHR decision came last week in response to a single suit brought by an Italian citizen of Finnish origin who has been campaigning for eight years to have crucifixes removed from schools. The court ruled that the display of crucifixes in public schools restricted religious freedoms. "The compulsory display of a symbol of a given confession in premises used by the public authorities ... restricted the right of parents to educate their children in conformity with their convictions," the court said.

While the ECHR, as a body of the Council of Europe, did not have the power to order the removal of crucifixes, "what it does do is find a violation of the Convention. The Italian government now has to report back to the Council of Europe exactly what it proposes to do in order to implement the ruling, which in this case will mean removing crucifixes from the classrooms, courts public buildings etc," Addison said.

He explained that if the ECHR judgment is not overturned on appeal then Italy cannot simply ignore the ruling. The effects will be profound, he said, since the Lisbon Treaty "in effect incorporates European Convention on Human Rights into EU law," which is now binding on Italy, and all other 26 member states.

Addison called the decision "an extraordinarily wide decision which could be used, for example, to prevent state schools putting on nativity plays." He cited the examples of Greek and Cypriot schools where it is common to see icons displayed. If the Italian crucifix ruling stands, he said, "those icons will have to be removed and, arguably so will displays of Christianity from all public buildings throughout Europe."

He said what is perhaps "most surprising" is that ECHR did not apply "its own concept of 'Margin of Appreciation and recognise that this type of question should be left to individual countries to decide."

Addison commented, "I do wonder if perhaps this judgment may, in time, come to be seen as European 'Dredd Scott' case, a moment when the implications of a court ruling are so significant and so contrary to public opinion that they lead to a public backlash."

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Unknown said...

People in EU countries need to show that God needs to be part of their public lives. For example, German public schools could put up signs saying "Gott mit uns".

KG said...

Just as leftist teachers could put up signs saying "proud Stakhanovite Workers for the Revolution"?

Andrei said...

From the BBC

The Greek Orthodox Church is urging Christians across Europe to unite in an appeal against a ban on crucifixes in classrooms in Italy.
The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg ruled last week that the presence of crucifixes violated a child's right to freedom of religion.
Greece's Orthodox Church fears the Italian case will set a precedent.
It has called an emergency Holy Synod meeting for next week to devise an action plan.

ZenTiger said...

This is truly ridiculous.

It's not "Freedom FROM religion", it's "Freedom OF religion".

Just as it isn't "Freedom FROM Speech" etc.

Essentially, this person is complaining that they cannot supposedly practice their belief (or lack thereof) if some contrary belief exists and displays evidence of that belief.

They may just as well say "the presence of Jews is a visible sign preventing me from being comfortable with my anti-Jew beliefs, can we ban Jews?

Oh, hang on, now I see where they are going with this...

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