Saturday, November 7, 2009

ZenTiger That's got to help race relations II

Pita Sharples last month said:

"Why are we fighting whakapapa against whakapapa? There's so much enemy that is not brown."

Now Hone Capone's racist outburst.

There have been other occasions. A disturbing indictment on the Maori Party. Maybe a race based party feeds off this stuff?

PM of NZ: Nice One Hone
Adolf at No Minister predicts the end of a promising career
Crusader Rabbit doesn't tolerate racism.
Lindsay Mitchell is being told to Grin and Bear It

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Angus said...

"Maybe a race based party feeds off this stuff?"

Absolutely Zen. Turia and Sharples would share the sentiment of Harawira to some extent for sure, along with many of the more disaffected constituents of the Maori party.

Leonidas said...

I've got no problem with the Knuckle-Draggin' cannibal seeking a bit of cultural enlightenment, I don't even really care that he skipped out on some waste of time talk-fest to do it. What I do have a problem with is the The aforementioned Knuckle- Dragger's comportment, public wise. And this white mother f**ker has a big problem with the stone- age cannibal not being thankful for the money it takes from other white mother f**kers like me.

Leonidas said...

Peace out, homies!.

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