Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lucia Linking Hone to Louis XVI

A new Catholic blog that comments on politics as well has popped out of the woodwork.

And All These Things...

But I am disappointed that Hone Harawira is being loosely compared to French King Louis XVI.
Hone Harawira it is ironic that in over spending you choose to go to France, the home of some great over spenders such as Louis XVI. He lost his head for his exuberance so consider yourself lucky that you will only lose your job!

Especially since Louis did not lose his head for overspending - regicide is generally far more complicated than that. Louis XVI was a Catholic monarch, killed during a period when not only were most of the French nobility killed, but open season was unleashed on Catholic priests and nuns. Louis XVI might even be recognised as a Saint (martyred for the Faith) in some future time.

But apart from that minor faux pax which someone from NZ could be excused for, welcome to the blogosphere, newbies!

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nyokodo said...

Woops, I'll inform Daniel. I failed in my fact checking duties unfortunately.

Daniel O'Connell said...

I sorry if I somewhat overstated my point. I was merely drawing a connection between the fact that both men stood accused of these crimes. The history surrounding this issue is indeed complex and often misunderstood.

All due respect to his majesty and all those who lost their lives under the French revolutionary government for the sake of the Gospel and the Church. In this month for Holy souls we trust that the Father has received them lovely into his arms.

Thank you for your gracious welcome. It is good to be blogging

Lucia Maria said...

A little bit of controversy is always good for blogging. It was a minor point, but may have given you guys a few more hits than otherwise.


elena maria vidal said...

Thank you for the link!

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