Friday, November 6, 2009

ZenTiger Friday Night Free for All

Well the blogs are abuzz with Hone's Race Relations Statement.

Perhaps to Hone, it's all about working the system. An important rule to understand moving into continuing discussions on the foreshore, seabed, land and sky ownership dispute.

Maybe the Government can "return" to the Maori people the Carbon in the atmosphere. "Here, it's all yours. And here's a Carbon bill some-one expects you to pay."

With ownership comes maintenance.

If the Treaty was all about partnership, when do we share the bills?

It's Friday. Have I been provocative enough to invite comments? Who am I kidding, the honour goes entirely to Hone.

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Here I Stand said...

I. Am. Sick. Of. This. Nonsense!

Blew a magpie out of a tree with the shotgun this afternoon... feel much better.

Hone - gone by hangitime? I hope so.

KG said...

I love the sound of magpies early in the morning--reminds me of home. We feed 'em here.:-
Evening Zen, H.I.S.

ZenTiger said...

Evening all.

Just come back in from the garden having exploded various combustible items full of gunpowder and phosphor.

The boys loved the process of lighting the fuses and standing back to watch their work.

Alas, poor Guy. I'm sure he could have commiserated with Hone had he not turned to treasonous plots.

KG said...

Boys just love lighting things and blowing stuff up, don't they?
Not just boys, either...;-)

homepaddock said...

You're welcome to all our magpies KG - they scare off the native birds.

KG said...

Thanks Homepaddock. I've never quite understood the Kiwi thing about native Vs imported birds. A bird is a bird is a bird, all of them fascinating creatures. Who cares where they come from? And it's the nature of nature for some species to supplant others in any case.

KG said...

(mind you, you're talking to man who used to shoot bustards for lunch--something that gives Oz greenies apoplexy)

ZenTiger said...

I like the call of the magpie, it reminds me of warm Australian mornings.

Still, the little silver eyes in the garden are visually stunning.

ZenTiger said...

It's Friday 5am in Trinidad, if anyone wants to know. Not that I'm there, it's just one of the clocks on the bottom of my Firefox status bar. It's also just after 9am in London for that matter.

Fox clocks is the widget. Very handy for those who deal with people overseas.

Madeleine said...

Evening all. Just got back from dinner with the philosophy department.

We've been living next to a fireworks shop this week so we've had free fireworks displays every night on our front lawn as the shop has tried to attract customers from the traffic passing by. (We live on a busy arterial route)

Tomorrow night we are off to NotPC's annual guy fawkes party. (What is it with libertarians and guy fawkes?)

ZenTiger said...

Pretty simple, any excuse to burn a Catholic....

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