Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lucia Fox News on the Climate Change Email Scandal

While the NZ Government continues on with it's hell bent desire to pass a law under urgency that will in effect tax the air that we breathe in order "do our part" in order to stop "global warming", here is Fox News on the emails that show just what a scam global warming really is.

I think we should pause for a moment of embarrassed silence for our gullible politicians.

Hattip: dimmocrazy commenting on Kiwiblog.

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Andrei said...

I think we should pause for a moment of embarrassed silence for our gullible politicians.

Do you think they are gullible Lucia?

Or perhaps they are just seizing the excuse to milk the peasantry with more taxes, levies as well as compulsory purchases of phantom products

Lucia Maria said...


Quite honestly, I don't know what to think.

Maybe their brains have been taken over by aliens and we are being ruled by an evil overlord in all but name.

Because, to believe that the politicians are doing this on purpose is on that level of insanity, if this ETS thing will be as devastating to our standard of living as the predictions are saying it will be.

I think we've been living in a parallel insane universe for a while now - or maybe it's always been like that and I've only just become aware of it.

I don't know.

Lucia Maria said...

As an aside, I am finding it really interesting how DPF, who is normally at the forefront of exciting political stuff, is completely out of the picture on this one. He posted yesterday one on how he doesn't really know enough about the emails to comment, which is probably his most active post for comments over how stupid the whole thing is (180 so far), and then today his general debate has the continuation of the climate change scam with quite a few comments.

I like Murray's comment, which currently has +44 karma:

Here’s a detailed evaluation David, it’s a crap bit of legislation based on a crap premise that is calculated to have crap result.

You don’t get yourself out of a recession by bulk funding Neo-Soviet Russia in exchange for a load of feel good BS.

This is the smacking legislation V2.0 and it is going to kill Key the same way the Bradford anti-democracy law killed Clark (and isn’t helping Kwey either).

Thats your context.

Apparently his blog is very widely read by media people and parliament, but they've got their head in the sand on this one.

KG said...

I don't believe for one moment they're gullible.
This may be the largest conspiracy in history and it beggars belief simply because there are so many motives involved.
An opportunity for the self-haters and leftists in the West to cripple Western exceptionalism.
A new religion for the left.
An opportunity for massive new taxes, being exploited by politicians.
A gravy train for bureaucrats and activists.
A scare story for the media.

And a new hobby for bored doctor's wives ;-)

KG said...

Oh, and an opportunity for third-world crap holes to grab vast amounts of money without having to anything so inconvenient as, you know, reform their rotten failed systems.

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