Friday, November 13, 2009

Lucia Friday night free for all

I think it's definitely time for a glass of red.

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ZenTiger said...


And food. Time for dinner.

Lucia Maria said...

Woah there!

Sneaking up on someone when everything's dead quiet kind of requires a throat clear or something first ...

Here I Stand said...


Evening all!

Something stronger to counter this foul weather is in order after dinner...


Good evening Zen and Lucia and anyone else out there.
I'm on the Dashwood sauv blanc tonight.
I have finished my Shingle Peak lake.
I'm having roast pork with all the trimmings- all to myself- as Barnsley is in Auckland this weekend.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Here I Stand and FFM.

Now that I am used to the company, it's very nice to see you.

What do you mean by stronger, HIS? And that reminds me of port and how I don't have any. My youngest asked me if I was going to use a nice crystal decanter that was given to us as a wedding present. Being 8, he didn't know what it was. He may have thought it was a vase, even though it had a crystal plug... So, no port. I have whiskey, though.


Roast pork with all the trimmings? Sounds good. If I was alone and had to cook for no one but myself, I'd probably just make salmon and salad. Though, getting salmon this week has been difficult. I must be going to the supermarket too late.

homepaddock said...

North Otago new potatoes - the best in the world - and asparagus. Yum!

Andrei said...

Hi all - cold enough where you are?
Freezing here all those cow farts I suppose,

Fairfax; Roast Pork with all the trimmings on a Catholic blog on a Friday night

Tsk tsk

Here I Stand said...

Whiskey, port, gin - not necessarily in that order or on their own...

HP, yum!

Madeleine said...

Evening all. We're all dry here but with all this talk about reds and sauvs and whiskey, port and gin I am now contemplating getting in the car.


Ah but I am allowed , I am Church of England.
And it was all what was left in the fridge.
I know its the wrong day but I might have fish tomorrow.
I have just told Roar Prawn of my love for terakahi.
The weather up here is fine but the nights are cold.
I'm just watching Glenn Beck now.

Lucia Maria said...

Well, we are allowed as well -the restriction was lifted awhile back. But I like to observe it anyway. plus ffm, if all goes to plan, there won't be any Church of England soon ...

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Andrei,

I bet it is cold down there. It's bad enough here -I've turned the fire on because it's November and it should be warmer!

Lucia Maria said...

Hi HP!

And Madeleine, I hope we haven't driven you to your car - all this alcohol is never as good as it seems. I've just had my half a glass of red and that's it.

I also think this might be my last comment using the iPod -it's hard work!

Madeleine said...

I have chocolate now so I am happy.

LOL at Lucia Maria

Madeleine said...

I live over the road from a Pak n Save but it is in a dry zone (supermarkets cannot sell alcohol in my area by bylaw). We have no alcohol in the house and I really feel like a glass but no I have not nipped up the road.

I have had probably a few too many drinking evenings in the past week week with merlot at bloggers drinks last Thursday, NotPC making me martini's at his Guy Fawkes party on Saturday, then a magazine launch on Wed had trays of free glasses of a very nice champagne (I had 5 ... they were small!), our celebration dinner out last night drinking a very nice sauv and tomorrow night's family dinner (Mum is over from Aus and the sisters are getting together) will undoubtedly involve wine and then there is the Zarb VIP christmas do on Tuesday night which has free bubbles on entry...

Me thinks chocolate should probably be it for indulgences tonight.

ZenTiger said...

Howdy all. Haven't seen some of you folk around these parts recently. Even you, Andrei :-)

I too have been on light blog mode - just too much happening for me at work at the moment.

Ad tonight I'm treating myself to the Watchman DVD. I read the comic book many years ago (and have a nice leatherbound edition of it) but nver got to see the movie. So it's feet up and sitting back in front of the couch ce soir.

Madeleine said...

Howdy Zen, I feel like I have rediscovered sunlight after being underground - being glued to the computer and the books for the last 6 weeks has seen me shut everything else out.


Evening again everyone.
What was the magazine Madeleine?
As a journo , I am keen to hear of new mags.
Oh, by the way, I am finally getting paid to blog!
No, not at Fairfacts Media, and I'm still trying to work out how to remove my adult status, but for a certain website.
It's only a couple of posts a week, but I was able to poke fun at John Boy, Uncle Helen and Kevin Rudd.
If only they had budget for me to do something daily!

Here I Stand said...

I have been informed that the beverages I intended to imbibe are on the list of things 'banned' while we undergo a 'spring cleanse diet'... there goes that idea!

Paid to blog? Sounds like a lark to me hope it works out FFM.

Mads, tis that time of year... free food, free grog roll on those work do's!

Madeleine said...

The new mag is called Gauntlet. It has good private funding and contains well argued, deep and meaningful articles on public policy related issues. It is open to anyone from any persuasion to submit pieces and they pay you for publication.

There is a website - think it is

Being paid to blog is a good gig!

Speaking of work... guess who just landed a job?

Here I Stand said...


Just kidding - hope it works out. Anything in the pipeline for Matt?

Madeleine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Madeleine said...

We wish it was Matt HIS, that is what our family really needs, someone in a full-time position. Three and a half years of looking with nothing but the odd part-time, fixed-term thing is really disheartening.

To his credit, he was nothing but supportive in the face of me being offered two jobs, unsolicited, this week. (One I had to turn down as despite its extreme cool-ness, it was full-time and injury wise that's just not happening)

Madeleine said...

The HR manager at the company I worked for prior to my car accident phoned me yesterday and asked if I'd meet her and the commercial manager on Monday to discuss my doing an overflow project for the commercial team.

It is all flexi around the injury. No driving into Work. I can work around the injury, less hours on bad days, more here, less there, as long as I get the project done by the deadline (which will be set keeping in mind my injuries). I get a laptop set-up at home so I can work from my beanbag. I can meet clients, as necessary at local cafes. The managers are even coming to me on Monday for the meeting!


Congratulations Madelaine.
I am sure Matt will get something soon.
The paid blogging is just a trial for now.
But we will see how it goes.

Well, I have just had my roast pork but I could not get the crackling right tonight.

Madeleine said...

Now I worked in a cafe years ago that cooked a boneless roast pork twice a week for their pork sandwiches. Both the boss and one of the waitresses were dutch and loved crackling on bread and butter with golden syrup. So although they did not need the crackling for the customers sandwiches they cooked it to perfection for themselves.
My former boss' secret tip for perfect crackling (and roast pork) was to turn your oven up to full heat. Wait for the light to go off to signal it had reached maximum heat then put your pork in, shut the oven door, turn the oven off and go to bed. In the morning, open the oven and you have perfectly cooked crackling and roast pork everytime.
I don't like crackling so I don't bother doing this so I cannot vouch for the tip beyond it seemed to work in the cafe oven every day.
There is also the whole having to start cooking your roast pork the night before aspect as well that makes the method a pain...

Lucia Maria said...

Chocolate is good.

I'm back to commenting on the iPod. My computer needs a rest due to firefox dying and I really don't want to wake it up. iPod on a wireless network seems to be ok now that I've remembered to turn it sideways (makes the buttons bigger).

Congrts on thecjob offer Madeleine!

Anonymous said...

Man I am going to sound SO boring for this but its kinda important to get this right:

The Catholic doctrine (Canon 1251) of no meat on Friday has NOT been lifted or removed.

NZ, like many other nations has a DISPENSATION granted such that, outside of Lent, you can eat meat on a Friday, but you MUST do some other form of penance or positive activity. Failure to do so violates the norms.

No meat on a Friday is THE rule in Lent.

Partly explained here:

better explained here:

Nerd-alert over.

Lucia Maria said...

Mr Tips,

Thanks for that! I'm glad you've clarified the position for Fridays. Now it makes me wonder why a dispensation was given when there is still a need to do some sort of penance - surely that would just create confusion and then alot of people thinking they don't have to do anything?

ZenTiger said...

So, it's prawns on my pizza on Friday. I can live with that :-)

Anonymous said...

Good question.
One for the NZ Bishops conference perhaps?

be daring, try anchovies, salmon AND prawns! And a little bit of hummus (garlic and pumpkin is my pref.) on a base of pita. ;-)

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