Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Andrei Nigerian E-mail Scams and Maori kleptocrats

They say one is born every minute and they are right.

And it is a crying shame when it is our Government who is being scammed or is it just that they are scamming us - its hard to know which it is for sure. But what is abundantly clear is that our "polluting" livestock are going to cost us dear if the Government persists with this ludicrous Emissions Trading scam scheme.


People have been herding livestock since biblical times. Abraham's vast herds did not mess up the planet. He in fact lived at a time when the planet was warmer than today but it isn't cooler now because of his sheep and goats. No its just a natural thing the planet has been both cooler and warmer since the days of the Patriarchs. Our forebears lived with it, survived and persisted to ultimately produce us.

And we need meat, milk and wool - these are good things, they feed and cloth us with the surplus paying the bills for products we don't produce locally, such as the computer I am using to create this post.

We don't need carbon credits, they perform no useful function, non whatsoever.
Would you be pleased to find 10 Carbon Credits under your Christmas tree? What would you do with them? You can't eat them. According to the scammers you might be able to trade them for a nintendo - D'ya reckon Dick Smiths would take them in lieu of cash?

Anyway in order to get this scheme under way Nick Smith has bought of the Maori party by effectively giving five Iwi a heap of Carbon Credits. In return the Maori party will help push this crap through Parliament after which real dollars will flow to the Iwi, real dollars for a fictitious commodity. The Maori party now has a vested interest in seeing this scheme implemented. Real dollars earned by people who produce real commodities like food, wool, steel and cement. You know things people actually need and can use, unlike carbon credits. And if you think a single cent of this money will find its way into the hands of the Maori underclasses in South Auckland or Cannons creek I have an ETS scheme to sell you.

The only reason that kiwis aren't up in arms over this that I can conceive of is that we are so inured to our Government giving it to us up the keister that we have resigned ourselves to this fate.

Which doesn't bode at all well for our future.

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ZenTiger said...

Firstly - oops! I didn't realise you had just done a post. I would have delayed mine until much later had I only hit "refresh" before posting. Sorry!

Secondly, I find the whole ETS unnerving. I follow the basic logic of putting a tax on environmental costs, but then shudder to see it reduced to one big share trading scheme where tax payers pay the taxes meant for "polluters" so the don't lose profits, and then later, taxpayers pay more tax for petrol, power and food because the government says we should. Yet, like the sharemarket, trillions will be made on the movement of carbon trade prices, not on the ACTUAL inputs (environmental costs).

The irony is the lightweight communists are all embracing it for supposedly Green reasons and the extreme capitalists have already twigged to the huge profits to be made out of (literally) thin air.

An we middle class earners who shoulder the tax burden are supposed to think we are saving the world by accepting what will become crippling taxes?

ZenTiger said...

Oh, and your example of the first carbon trade resulting in millions for various Iwi underscores my point exactly.

Because the millions will come straight from middle class NZ's pockets, right after PAYE, GST, Treaty Settlements, ACC levies, rates and Road and Fuel surcharges.

Psycho Milt said...

The irony is the lightweight communists are all embracing it for supposedly Green reasons and the extreme capitalists have already twigged to the huge profits to be made out of (literally) thin air.

Which is why we're shafted - we're getting shot from both sides. And with Alarmist propaganda so prevalent, a lot of those getting shafted are going to feel like they're making some kind of worthy, planet-saving sacrifice, rather than like they're getting screwed to make some rich people richer. Oh, joy.

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