Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ZenTiger Vision without Execution

Vision without execution is hallucination. -- Thomas Edison

It seems to be human nature to dream, to have some kind of vision of how you would like your future to be. Thomas Edison sums it up for me though by pointing out if you don't have a plan to execute, then you are fooling yourself. It's a hallucination.

I think that's so true on the personal level.

Wider than that, is the ETS. I suppose there, the vision is to save the world from the effects of man-made pollution. The execution of that is Kyoto, Copenhagen and in NZ, right now, the ETS. But it doesn't gel. Edison may have had a saying for this situation. Perhaps it would have been something like:

Executing on a hallucination will not achieve the vision.

Dream on, dream on.

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