Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ZenTiger Preparing for Copenhagen

I came across a DRAFT UNFCCC document today (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and it makes interesting reading. Over the next few weeks I'll post bits and pieces I've come across within the document. Then we can all be prepared for Copenhagen and John's promises.

The document is full of waffle, for example on page 28: "The framework shall be...flexible, bottom up, results-based and country driven, involving all relevant stakeholders..." and patronising: "including women, with a view to enhancing ownership...", but nevertheless, it doesn't lose track of the need to establish multiple sources of funding:

Page 43, Point 41: Providing financial support shall be additional to developed countries ODA targets. Mandatory contributions from Developed Countries ... shall include ...

a. Assessed contributions of at least 0.7% of GDP.
c. Levies on CO2 emissions
g. Levies on international transactions
h. Fines for non-compliance [of Kyoto Commitments]

And these are costs additional to the ETS. At this rate, everyone will soon be familiar with the acronym NWO.

Note: Just to be clear, this post is NOT satire, and there are indeed tax options d,d,e,f. They can wait, don't get distracted from point a ... a tax on GDP to fund a new UN Climate Change Control Centre.

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