Monday, April 26, 2010

ZenTiger Are you a new Zealander?

With the government signing up to the UN Declaration of Rights for Indigenous People, it's time everyone who was born in this great country of ours (can I use the word "ours"?), who felt moved to complete the recent census by ensuring that our ancestral heritage was properly marked "New Zealander" making us indigenous to our country of birth, are properly recognised by our government (can I use the word "our"?).

There might be some that would quibble over the degree of indigenuousness we possess, but you will probably be arguing this with either lefties or pseudo-liberals, both who are used to redefining words to suit their purpose and will just babble incoherently. Anyway, if we were born here, how on earth can we be considered alien? What planet are these people on defining us as aliens?

So, fellow New Zealanders, when some of our fellow indigenous people line up in front of what they think is the gravy train, and is likely just a clapped out Kiwi Rail caboose, let's make sure that those aspirational measures they demand meet the aspirations of all the indigenous people of the land, including the New Zealanders.

New Zealander, indigenous and proud of it.

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stephen said...

I'm right beside you brother.

KG said...

Do naturalized Kiwis count? We are, after all, Kiwi by choice. :)

ZenTiger said...

That would be good enough for me. Last thing I want to do is set up barriers between fellow New Zealanders.

Indeed, what true New Zealander would? That surely is a better litmus test than mere race, given that being a New Zealander could define us as a nation.

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