Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ZenTiger John Key - First and Last

Richard Long comes to bat for John Key today over signing up to DRIP. He says that it was inevitable we (NZ) would sign because we would eventually be the only country in the world that hasn't signed, and he couldn't imagine John Key wanting to go it alone.

In other news, it seems John Key wants to go it alone and be the only country in the world signing up for across the board punitive taxes on Carbon, and is ready to push the ETS through at all costs.

With Australia pulling back from an ETS further and faster than we can bowl, what now John Key? Don't want to be last to sign DRIP but raring to be first to sign on to an ETS.

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MathewK said...

Just to clarify, Australia only decided to pull back because our loose-with-the-truth disgrace for a PM can't get support for it.

His greatest moral challenge facing mankind is going to wait 3 years until he can either, weasel out of it once everyone's forgotten about it, or he'll make it someone else's problem after he declares victory and heads off to the UN to join helen clark.

None the less, it's quite loony that john key is still pursing this climate change stupidity.

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