Thursday, April 22, 2010

ZenTiger Modern Warfare

Selling white poppies a week after ANZAC day? - An Act of Piggyback Marketing
Selling white poppies on ANZAC day? - An Act of War
Selling white poppies before ANZAC day - An Act of Terrorism

For supposedly peaceful people, the mob that want to invade ANZAC day seem to have a distinct lack of empathy and respect for the feelings of others. They are also potentially taking away from fund raising efforts for the vets.

An aggressor will tell you that "wars are never necessary", but that's only because, after attacking, they want you to roll over and die.

If they want war, I suspect they will get war.

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KG said...

"If they want war, I suspect they will get war."

They sure will. God help any one of these creeps who approaches me to buy a white poppy......I can live with an assault conviction.

I.M Fletcher said...

I've just had a peek at the Peace Movement Aotearoa's (1990s style) website. It doesn't inspire me with confidence. It looks like they support the Waihopai Three, Maori ownership of the foreshore and seabed, the UN Indigenous Peoples thing, the anti-smacking law, flying the Maori flag, and on and on....Pretty much the opposite of everything I believe. Some weird links there (Spirited Crone? Some woman who used to be an Anglican priest but who now is just "spiritual" and doesn't believe in Heaven of Hell).

They are rampantly anti-war and there is a PDF there questioning if we need an armed forces at all.

In short, they are political activists trying to push their own agenda. Money from white poppy sales goes toward a White Poppy Peace Scholarship. I would rather my money go toward the RSAs and those who support the men who defend(ed) us.

Murray said...

Trying to sell a white poppy to a former soldier - Suicide.

Worst damn case of suicide I've ever seen in fact. KG may need to get Oswald to borrw a digger in the near future. Bulk buy your lime form RD1, they deliver.

Keeping Stock said...

Go to Edwina Hughes' FB page, and you'll see that she also has links to St Matthews in the City in Aucland, and numerous peacenik and ethnic groups.

I wonder if she is related to the new Green MP!/profile.php?id=1229976601&ref=mf

Writer Of The Purple Sage said...

Why did Peace Movement Aotearoa choose to sell its white poppies in the lead-up to Anzac Day? Pure and simple - it wanted to “cash in” on the decades of good RSA red poppy day publicity. PMA decided in 2008 to deliberately move to the Anzac period – there can be no disguising its intent. It's no wonder NZers are angry! It should return its white poppy selling to its original position on Hiroshima Day – and go the long haul to make the day its own, not try and piggyback on the blood, sweat and lives of our servicemen and women.

PhilBee, Auckland

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