Friday, April 23, 2010

Lucia Friday night free for all

Friday again.

This week has been hard work. I've just been getting over the flu (I'm now in the severe coughing stage), and then my youngest just got sick on Wednesday. Very disruptive when I'm trying to establish a good routine for the term. On the positive side, now that I theoretically know what I'm doing with homeschooling, it's been a lot easier than previous years getting started, even with the disruption of being sick.

I also have been thinking about what apple trees to plant. I am so over buying apples from the supermarket that are not fresh. Right now it's alright, and most of the apples I buy I don't have to throw out, but seriously, some times of the year are really bad. So my plan is to grow my own apples.

I once went to an apple orchard as part of a kindergarten outing a number of years back, and the apples straight off the trees were amazing (they let us pick three apples each, as we walked around). Ever since then I have kept that memory of the super fresh apple alive.

Last year I planted my first apple tree. It was a Royal Gala (my favourite) on dwarf root stock (will grow to 3m). It wasn't supposed to fruit, since it had just been planted, but you can't keep a good apple tree down for that little tree gave us four apples this year.

So, now I'm inspired. I need to plant more trees, but covering a wider season.

Apparently there is an old apple variety being introduced into NZ this May on dwarf root stock called "Mother".
Imagine creamy yellow flesh that is juicy, sweet and acidulous with a distinctive balsamic flavour- and reminiscent of pear drops.
~ Garden NZ
Sounds amazing. Anyway, are there any other varieties I should be looking at buying that people just love?

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Ciaron said...

I've had a very stressful week, Exams in Geotech & Fluid Mechanics, Assignments in Contract administration & Intermediate structures, Another Contract assignment started today, studying for structures exam next week. but my possible part time position has become definite, and will become full time once I've finished exams.

Ciaron said...

how's everyone else?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

One foot in front of the other.

What is it the Repubs see in this Steele idiot? Are they scared to sack him because he is black? Well dark grey, perhaps.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Ciaron,


Doesn't sound like you had much of a holiday break, then.

I've recently realised that if I don't keep up with learning the Latin to the same level as my 13yo, he's going to bypass me and I'll find it hard to teach him.

I'm so glad my study skills, even though they are rusty, are still operational.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Adolf,

I haven't been keeping track.

So, you've been alright?

Ozy Mandias said...

Evening all.

Tough week. Like Lucia it always hard to get back into the flow after holidays.

Nothing to report from me except who would be a Melbourne Storm player!!!!
Seres them right in my books.

Ciaron said...

I find study bloody hard going, as I've never been taught/ shown how to do it properly. I just have a knack of retaining enough to get me through :)

Oswald Bastable said...

I have spent the week editing.

A job I don't like doing- I would rather be writing!

ZenTiger said...

Evening all. I have spent money on the finest of Assyrian fast food cuisine - the Iskander and Baklava for desert. Also, the traditional Dominos Pizza's were obtained, providing a balanced diet.

A Hells Pizza opened tonight in our area, and it was packed by people that couldn't wait to get into Hell. Except with a name like that, who would want to eat them? Obviously, the better they look and the nicer they smell the more unwashed the hands of the food preparation staff.

Ozzy, good to see you kicking off the Friday Night pun with "Serves them right in my books". Brilliant. Served them right over their books too, didn't it?

Ah well, better go do some domestic chores, given there aren't a lot of marauding brigands around at the moment for me to balance the duties. Maybe a white poppy terrorist will attack and I'll be forced to defend the castle with gratuitous, excessive violence. It would be considered a clear case of justified defence in any reasonable court of law.

Ciaron said...

Dominoes? surely there's a small, authentic pizzeria nearby?

also thought you might find this interesting:

Here I Stand said...

Evening all, too much to do, to little time to devote blogging alas.

Sleep deprivation is the pits.

Goodnight all!

ZenTiger said...

Dominos is authentic Pizza, especially with that traditional thick American Style deep dish crust, pure pineapple sourced from the best Dole tin cans, and tomato paste hand squeezed from the natural tomato paste bulk buy containers :-)

There are actually very few authentic Pizza places around the Kapiti Coast that I've noticed.

Moving on, sleep deprivation is the pits. Especially when you get through to Friday and don't have the energy to blob out, and instead just fall asleep before a decent amount of lying around in a vegetative state, eating pizza and watching classic Kung Fu movies or bad Sci Fi.

As for my choice of Apple, that would be the variety that comes with the pie grown around it. Mmmmm, apple pie, apple crumble, apple shortcake, apple danish, apple cider, apple fritters, apple pancakes, apple bread, apple sauce, apple and walnut spice cake, glazed apples, apple cookies with vanilla glaze, and apple cream pie.

Yum. What kinds of apples make those? Perhaps Granny Smith, Pacific Rose, Red Delicious, Royal Gala and McIntosh.

Ciaron said...

Dammit, I'm hungry now!

ZenTiger said...

Me too, I'm deserting for dessert.

Ciaron said...

Sweet, can you get me some? the boy's asleep and the wife is at work, so I'm a bit house bound.

Ciaron said...

I see Stephen Donald still can't kick. missed 3 from 3 so far.

ZenTiger said...

I left some in the kitchen for you, and it was still there when I went back, so I ate it. It was nice!

Ciaron said...

I already raided the cooking chocolate. will get apple pie for tomorrow night.

the average man is at 0-5

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