Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ZenTiger A Government of Secrecy and Irrelevant Laws

I'm not sure what to make of the latest news that the people of New Zealand have signed up to the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Rights. So what is wrong with the story?

Well, firstly, it shows a certain level of immaturity, duplicity, and fear of the public to head off to New York in secrecy to sign up to something that, up until the signing New Zealand was officially against.

Secondly, John Key had been recently asked if the official position on the declaration had changed. "Not at present" was his reply. Which was technically true, the stance hadn't changed officially, but unofficially the airfares had been booked and the deal done. That's basically lying.

Thirdly, we've signed the declaration and John Key assures us it's merely symbolic, because it's non-binding.

So, Maori think we've signed it as a declaration we expect to uphold, and Key thinks we've signed it but will use "discretion" when it comes to enforcing it.

Can you see those contrary viewpoints leading to trouble? Is there any other document in the history of New Zealand you can think of that was supposed to bind us together that is now being used as the basis for pulling us apart?

Like the Treaty of Waitangi?

Now that we are a signatory to a non-binding agreement, the fact we can supposedly ignore it when it suits us is not going to make life any easier for us.

I haven't analysed the UN Declaration so I'll refrain from voicing an opinion about that at this time. It's always remotely possible (although unusual for the UN) that it's not a bad document. Apparently, pointless because all but 4 countries rushed to sign it and I haven't seen any signs of world peace when that happened.

However, I think it reasonable to say that it is a bad day for New Zealand, when the Government decides to act in secrecy to sign us to international declarations before the people of the country have a debate about the ramifications of such action.

If anyone is looking for reasons why the National Government is not to be trusted, then the actions taken to sign this document in secrecy would seem to be evidence enough.

Open, honest and transparent governance. Where's the UN declaration for that? I'll sign it.

Stuff: Government's actions breach prior promise of transparency

Oh Dear, my hope that the UN document would not turn out to be like the usual drivel it puts out may be dashed: Lindsay Mitchell on the UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights and other tax payer funded systems of apartheid.

And PM of NZ is PO with National.

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MathewK said...

"Open, honest and transparent governance. Where's the UN declaration for that? I'll sign it."

But you'll never get the government to sign that. Besides we're talking the UN here Zen, that nest of leftist vipers will never put something like that forward. Far too busy hating Jews and excusing muslim savages instead.

Francisco Castelo Branco said...

How important are this Declaration?

In Portugal, our PM said that the Lisbon Treaty would be discuss in a referendum.
But he fail the promise.
The Document were ratified by the Parliament without the participation of the population

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