Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Andrei As predictable as the Sun's rising in the East

Pope’s Easter message to the world ignores sex abuse scandal

So reads the Times headline.

The Popes Easter Address is here: "Urbi et Orbi" Message and Blessing.

I'm sorry it was not to the Times taste and deemed by them unworthy of reporting. The fact that it talks about Christian stuff appropriate to Easter and is directed to Christians rather than Times reporters might have something to do with it.

But it is inline with other Paschal addresses given by other major Christian Bishops

Here is Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew's 2010 Patriarchal Proclamation for Pascha linked here for purposes of both your edification and comparison with the Popes.

And Patriarch Kirill of Moscow's Paschal Message is also edifying and demonstrates the appropriateness of the Pope's to the occasion.

Now if the Time's Faith section was what it is purported to be all three of these would be carried in full on its pages along with the Archbishop of Canterbury's of course.

But they'd rather talk about Paedophila than the Risen Christ, I guess

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