Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ZenTiger Nanny State Thinking

The nanny state way of thinking is alive and well. Firstly, the department of Conservation seems to be reacting with the kind of political correctness that spends thousands of knee-jerk dollars to examine the safety regulations around bunk bed ladders after a boy slips off one at 1am in the morning and fractures or breaks his arm.

If they think hard enough, the paths up to these wilderness cabins must be a little slippery at times, how about we concrete them and provide hand rails. For that matter, climbing Mount Cook can be dangerous. Install ladders, safety nets and rest stops every 10 metres. Maybe install elevators for those climbers that just like the climb to be in one direction.

And the other story was a Google maps error has a suggested walk route through the Mount Victoria bus tunnel in Wellington. This story was put on the front page of the newspaper, and it did it's best to imply these directions were dangerous and we should shiver in our boots.

The problem I have with this is that there are big clear signs that pedestrians are not permitted. Having a Google map in ones hands that says otherwise is not permission to ignore the signs by the tunnel entrance. It's like driving down a one way street the wrong way because you have an old map. Why would you? What if there is an earthquake and a pathway is declared dangerous and not to be used, with large signs warning people of the deadly hazard? Does having a Google Map that says otherwise protect you from death?

Darwin answered that question. Nanny State thinking shows devolution is just as active as evolutionary forces. Our tax dollars contribute to survival of the thickest, not fittest. What a waste.

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KG said...

Message for the government: Treat all people as idiots, legislate for the lowest common denominator--and you will produce yet more idiots.

But perhaps that's the intention? Because I'm pretty damn sure that the government has no interest whatsoever in having an informed citizenry.They'd be too difficult to herd.

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