Thursday, April 15, 2010

Andrei What a load of drivel

Dominion Post Headline: Kiwis worst in the world for bullying.
One in five Kiwi workers suffer from workplace bullying, one of the worst rates in the world.

The figures are revealed in a university survey released today.

A joint university research team – from Auckland, Waikato, Massey and London – polled more than 1700 workers from the health, education, hospitality and travel sectors asking how frequently they were exposed to "negative acts" at work.
What planet is the joint university research team from?

Are New Zealand workplaces really more rugged than Asian sweatshops or African plantations? Get a grip!

And what have been identified as the most worst workplace environments by these genii do you suppose?
Higher rates of bullying were found in the education and health sectors and also in kitchen "hot spots" within the hospitality industry.
Health and Education?

The people who produced this are employed by the "Education sector" - no?

I wonder if they have ever had a real job?

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ZenTiger said...

It's a fact. When they ask Chinese miners to go down the shaft, they say "please". When they ask sweatshop workers to work 12 hours straight, they say "if you don't mind".

krazykiwi said...

Andrei - Yes this is nonsense. It's just another example of a drive to create 'victims' so that 'rights' can be asserted.

Redbaiter said...

" What planet is the joint university research team from? "

Planet Socialism. Our universities today are corrupt vehicles that exist only to advance left wing political ambitions. In this case, the idea is once again, to enforce a uniformity of thought and behaviour that makes it easier for the tyrannical left to impose their political perspective upon all and sundry.

People won't fight this because, in yet another example of how the left have systematically twisted conventional morality inside out, they might be accused of bullying.

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