Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ZenTiger Child Voters

Voting in general elections should start at the age of 16, says the Electoral Reform Society. The society, which has monitored British elections for almost 120 years, has decided to back calls for the voting age to be lowered. People who are old enough to join the army are also old enough to vote on which politicians could send them to war.

It argues 16-year-olds are seen as adults in a range of other ways and so should not be denied a role in democracy.

ERS chief executive Ken Ritchie said: "There is a very valid debate in this country about what constitutes adulthood. "For tax purposes and in matters such as getting married or getting a job, 16-year-olds are viewed as adults.
Said one 16 year old potential voter: "If I'm old enough to have sex, then I'm old enough to vote". Well, I guess the reverse holds true: If a child is old enough to vote, then they are old enough to provide informed consent to sex. Ironically, that might mean all the reported child abuse and pedophilia cases where the child was aged 16 or 17 will have to be reclassified as "consensual sex between adults". Do the left-wing liberals really want to support that sentiment?

Note: I debunk the standard reasons given for lowering the voting age here: Emancipating Youth

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Berry said...

You got it, that's precisely what the objective is.

I.M Fletcher said...

What's the bet the ERS is very liberal and they want to take advantage of all the young people they have been indoctrinating in schools in the green, liberal, left, PC doctrines to bolster votes.

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