Thursday, September 9, 2010

ZenTiger Broken Windows

So why doesn't John Key ask the Mongrel Mob or perhaps vast quantities of drunken Uni students to trash 10% of the homes in every region of New Zealand to inject a much needed economic stimulus that will pull us out the recession?

Whilst they are at it, perhaps they could beat a few people up in order to make them healthier?

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mojo said...

Yep my thoughts exactly ... so why did it happen there, why not here? Life, and destruction can just be so unfair.

ZenTiger said...

Mojo, when you say this (on the NotPC thread, and I'm continuing the point here because they are unlikely to get it):

Abortions though, are seldom 'at the whim of the patriarch,' moreso, 'it is my body, it is my decision.'

To continue with my loose comparison, isn't that exactly what the patriarch is saying? "This offspring (the daughter) is my property, my decision on what I do with it."

Ultimately, the *life* of the daughter is less important than the supposed loss of *honour*. To not recognise the sovereignty of the daughter over her own life, because her welfare is maintained by the family, becomes the justification that they have power to decide her death.

There's a reasonably clear comparison to be made when advocating the termination of a product of rape, and a step beyond to the thought process that justifies terminating a life for a range of other "good" reasons, from the perspective of the property owner, the mother.

When I speak of the evolution of honour killings, as a concept stemming from an ultimate method of abortion, I'm suggesting that our fundamental attitude to life may continue to be diminished by our ready acceptance of abortion.

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