Friday, September 10, 2010

ZenTiger Ground Zero Mosque Trumped

Donald Trump has come in with an offer to buy the controversial Ground Zero Mosque from the so-called Islamic moderate who desires nothing more than to build a moderately gigantic mosque near you know where.

Trump is offering 25% more than the purchase price, a tidy profit in exchange for the prophet centre. Only one small catch, any subsequent mosque building activity needs to be a further 5 blocks back from this site, so that it is out of sight from ground zero. I guess we'll see if the financier of the Mosque, Elzanaty is actually moderate, or if he turns out to be totally extreme. As in extremely keen to build the mosque regardless.

The first comment off the block on the article was a bit of a hoot:

triumph of white racist chauvinist KKK White Knight hate money and exploitation over democracy truth and justice. the WTC was built over sacred Muslim graves. Now we can't even visit our own mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers who died on september 11 washing dishes mopping floors serving tables cooking your meals saving your lives or our brothers and sisters whom you enslaved.
The way I see it, anyone can visit ground zero to pay their respects to the dead. You don't need to build a Mosque across the road to do this. The rest of the rant is just disturbing. "sacred Muslim graves"? "enslaved"? How about "many innocent people murdered by Islamic Terrorists" "murdered".

September 11 is hours away. Your call Elzanaty. It's the moderately sensible approach, because pushing on with your grand plans could be seen as extremely insensitive.

Meanwhile, Scrubone covers the Inman who expects to run the Islamic Centre and Mosque - Raud, who says he has no choice but to build the Mosque anyway: The Devils Made Me Do It

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Muddy Politics said...

Why would it make a difference if the center were to be moved another five blocks away? Why is seven better than two, or six? Why not nine blocks? This is ridiculous...

All of it is ridiculous. Jones: ‘I Canceled the Quran Burning Fest Before I Suspended It’

Psycho Milt said...

Perhaps following this Trumpo could offer to buy out any churches near the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklohoma City for a good price, on condition that future churches only be built outside the 16-block blast damage radius. Then we'd really get to see whether those church leaders were moderates or extremists...

ZenTiger said...

@NLW - it would make a huge difference. Far less chance of being destroyed by another plane crash at ground zero.

@PM - Except that (a) that isn't an issue for the people of Oklahoma, and (b) those Churches aren't a magnet for Islamic radicals and nutjobs and (c) there isn't a worldwide movement, millions strong, of Christians that regard America the embodiment of Satan and are calling for the destruction of her, and all her evil, white supremacist capitalist people. Otherwise, you may have a point on that score.

The only real argument I can see for ignoring the Mosque is that America is a place to show that the West are so tolerant of anything and everything, until such time laws are broken, and even then, that makes little difference sometimes.

But is even that the point? Sure I expect America, as a nation, to follow it's laws and not its feelings, and just as much, I expect a Muslim religious leader setting up shop needs to be capable of sensitivity, compassion and empathy and not press on in a one sided, bloody minded fashion.

ZenTiger said...

Oh, and with regard to point (c) the first comment off the article I linked to hinted to that attitude.

To avoid the "us versus them" mentality that radical Islam is generating, the moderates would have been best to find a way to support and be a part of the rebuild at Ground Zero, not set up a mammoth "look at me" centre next door. It's that action that has fed into the "us and them" debate, and calm sensible heads like yourself and myself will not prevail. Indeed, a calm sensible approach as I suggest is to recognise that separating the drunk aggressive kids at the party is better approach than handing out more free beer.

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