Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lucia Happy Father's Day Michael Laws UPDATE

Why should a father, who didn't consent to a child being born, end up with the financial responsibility?

That would have to be the silliest combination of a statement/question that Michael Laws has made to date. But then, can I blame him, as a great number of men in NZ think this way.

Let me help you with this, Michael. The outcome of sex is babies. If you have sex with a woman, you are consenting to any babies that come of the union. Very, very simple. So if men don't want the financial responsibility of a child - don't have sex with women! Forget about contraception, it's not guaranteed to work. Don't want children, don't have sex.

UPDATE 9:06pm: Link to article online has been added.

Related link: Breaking up is hard to do ... but legislation is harder still, Sunday Star Times, page A20

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NLW said...

(Un)fortunately for Americans, the outcome of Oliver North sex is children, and Oliver North children result in Oliver North grandchildren, and Oliver North grandchildren result in columns from Oliver North written to his grandchildren.

The (Postponed) Wisdom of Oliver North

Lucia Maria said...


Bearhunter said...

In possibly the rarest of rare things, I find myself 100% in agreement with you, LM. The bilious windbag simply can't make the connection between unprotected sex and children. Quite astonishing in a man who claims to be as clever as he does. Good on you.

Seán said...

Agreed also (of course). I don't have access to a hard copy of the SST but I wonder if Laws has just been given the "I'm pregnant" news by his ex-"exotic lifestyle" girlfriend...?

Lucia Maria said...

Thanks, Bearhunter.

Sean, just for you, I've searched for and added the link to the article. :)

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