Monday, September 6, 2010

Andrei Women's Sport

The Black Ferns won the Women's Rugby World Cup over England this morning for which congratulations are due.

The thing is I'm not all that sure about women and rugby and I wonder why.

What I do know is none of my daughters were ever inspired to play the game - never had any desire whatsoever but the great Alina Kabaeva was inspirational, to the eldest in particular.

Indeed she pulled the performance below up on youtube just the other night to show me. The question I ask here is are we turning girls off sport and physical culture in general by emphasizing masculine sports and ignoring the more feminine pursuits?

Alina Kabaeva, a great athlete who didn't have to surrender her femininity to reach the top.

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Lucia Maria said...

I'm totally against women playing rugby. I even wrote a post about it a few years back.

I think your comment about bearded women is most apt, Andrei.

I.M Fletcher said...

I saw that on the news too, and wasn't sure about women playing rugby. Just didn't seem right to me.

mojo said...

Mmm ... I had my pic taken with some of them at a school a few years back ... they tended to get the same injuries as males in the sport, albeit their successes far exceed their male counterparts.
Lithe, very fit, lovely and very feminine was my recollection ... and I must say I have seen more hirsuit sheilas in swimming than rugby.
Excellence in any pursuit is to be supported, aimed for and lauded ... and having a daughter who has excelled in sport, has mainly played in male teams, and is really proud of it, who may occasionally exclaim,'dad I have your shoulders,' is but a small cost - her biceps aint as big as mine though - and her memories of excellence and achievement are grand and will live on with her ... lovely.
Chaq'un a son gout.

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