Saturday, September 4, 2010

ZenTiger Canterbury collapse becomes physical

After South Canterbury Finance had its walls come tumbling down, the manifestation has become physical with a seriously strong earthquake causing massive damage to some buildings and infrastructure across Christchurch.

The earthquake woke me at 4:35am in my home at Kapiti, north of Wellington and a long way from the epicentre. It was strong enough for me to get up to be ready to get the kids should a stronger shake occur.

From a glance at the news item, it seems fortunate the quake happened at night, because if people had been at work and in the streets, I suspect there would have been deaths and injuries. So far, I haven't heard of any. Let's hope the mainlanders get through with their lives.

South Island Rocked by 7.0 quake

State of emergency - and quake revised to 7.1

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Anonymous said...

I was quite worried until I heard aid is on the way from Haiti, Pakistan and China.

Ciaron said...

We're only 30km from the epicentre, felt like the house shifted a good metre, but no damage and nothing broken. water out until midday, power out until 5:30pm.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Ciaron,

Good to hear from you. Glad you're ok.

Ciaron said...

the boy quite enjoyed it... wants another tonight. Wasn't scary as nothing broke, just felt like the general area shifted to the SW by about a metre. prefer not to have a repeat.

Lucia Maria said...

"the boy"? Do you have a child?

ZenTiger said...

LRO, agree. I suspect the foreign aid will be whatever the North Island can scrape up.

Went out and worked on my fence today. No sign of any structural damage following the quake.

Will have to place a brass plaque on it saying "Survived 7.1".

Ciaron said...

Lucia, yes, he's almost five and thought the whole thing was very amusing. As Fred Dagg said: we don't know how lucky we are

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