Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fletch Smacking Law Change Shot Down

Well, we didn't hear anything about it in the mainstream media; it was swept under the rug. I'm sure the major parties wish it would go away. What happened Wednesday night?? John Boscawen put forward a bill, sponsored by David Garrett - both of them Act MPs, that would have allowed a light smack for purposes of correcting children.
The bill was defeated 115 votes to five. Only the ACT MPs voted for it. The win was accompanied by the usual drivel spouted by no-nothing liberal MPs about "pro smackers" and "child beaters". Current Green co-leader Metiria Turei on Twitter wrote, "David Garrett's child beating bill (went down in flames)".

‘It is time the pro-hitting lobby accepts that their point of view is unacceptable today and will never again be enshrined in New Zealand legislation," wrote Deborah Morris-Travers of Every Child Counts.
Where do they get these idiot women from? Don't they realize the harm they are doing to this country? THE LAW HASN'T WORKED. Children are still being killed, and what's worse, parents now have less control over them than they used to and children know it: they can't be touched at school or at home. We're going to have a generation of kids growing up selfish; expecting that the world will give them everything their way, and when they don't get it they will have no self control. We're already seeing it in Sweden, which has had the law for longest and hasn't worked.These bleeding-heart liberals make me sick to my stomach.

And what do the public think? There really isn't question there. All the polls and the referendum have constantly given the result that the public do not agree with the law, but no, the idiots in power think they know better. Just today, the Yahoo!Xtra poll asked the question - "Is a Light Smack Acceptable"?
The results?

So, who are these politicians to tell 94% of kiwis (and I think the official referendum was 87%) that they are wrong? Do they seriously think that that many New Zealanders want the right to be able to beat their children? If they do, then there's something wrong with them. They need to use their heads and do some actual thinking, "you know, no one wants to hurt their kids - at least not the majority of kiwis that seem to support smacking; I might just have the wrong idea about what smacking is". That's what they'd reason if they had the ability.

If it sounds like I'm mad, I damn well am. I voted for Key and National, so which National MP is standing up for my will? Representing me? NONE of them. Useless lot...

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big news said...

That`ll teach you to vote for Key and National, then. And it`ll also teach Act. Probably not a good idea to introduce a bill when they haven't got the numbers. Fail x2

I.M Fletcher said...

Yeh, well, the country had to get rid of Helen & co for a start - the greater evil. Now it looks like this lot aren't much better. As the Who used to sing - "meet the new boss, same as the old boss".

Anonymous said...

You are mistaken, the law works very well. Its aim was never to protect children, but rather to divide families by eroding parents' control over their children. Yet another step in destruction of the society as we know it. As such, it works exactly as it was intended - it is just that its real intentions were never declared publicly.

As for MPs not giving a damn about what people think of the issue: please wake up and realize that as a voter you have no influence whatsoever, that democracy is in fact an illusion (or has become an illusion) created by the real controllers to advance their agenda. This agenda is anti-Christian and as such ultimately anti-human. It is part of a rebellion against God led by the greatest liar and deceiver.

In light of this you would do much better to pray (as you no doubt do!) than vote. And raise your kids so that they don't fall for the deception of this "brave new world".

I.M Fletcher said...

I have no kids (as of yet), but am not sure to think about bringing some into this socialist paradise, and it would be the same wherever you went in the world.

Matthew said...

Fletcher, I have brought 3 children into this world and will bring them up with a Christian worldview, much like I was. The more of us there are who have children that are Christian the more likely the world will be a better place.

Remember this socialist paradise regards children as to be avoided as they are parasites on mother earth; furthermore the massive abortion industry is run by "this socialist paradise" further ensures they will not have many children in the next generation (that is not intended to be a defence of abortion either). They are fighting a loosing battle because they are destroying themselves: much liked satan who is the destroyer. Funny how he pops up everywhere there is evil.

Lucia Maria said...

I'm amazed that I've heard nothing about this at all.

Wolnosciowiec, you're right, it is all about eroding our control and therefore our raising of our children. But I don't think the politicians we have in power know that. They're most likely refusing to overturn this law because the UN says we have to have it.

I would really like the government to come out and just say it, that we have no control in this sphere, that the UN now controls a great many of the laws we can and can't pass. That they won't say this just shows they are complicit, and cowards.

Matthew, yes, we Christians have to have more children. Too late for those such as myself, however.

scrubone said...

It's a source of bitter amusement when people describe the issue as "divisive" or state that the country is divided.

In actual fact, this issue has more widespread support, and has united the country more than any issue since the french restarted testing nukes.

The worrying thing is how come our public institutions came to be dominated by such a tiny minority.

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